Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Tattoos, Sanity, & Mysterious Universe

I have international pen-pals. Old fashioned, written letters, postal stamped pen-pals. I had an interesting opportunity to be a hostess to Scotland. We have been communicating for some time and he asked if he could stay for a few days at my place and see California. I agreed and he also asked me what I wanted for Christmas, which took some time in deciding, cause I can't seem to make up my mind of what I want (literally and figuratively).

For my birthday he sent me a Manchester United mug, the giant sized one that you could drown in, and an ManU ceramic money bank in the shape of a football. I was dancing for a week! Not only is that stuff kind of pricy but it was shipped internationally. In gratitude, I asked him what he wanted for his birthday. He replied with a couple of tattoo designs and a tattoo shop to do them in since he would be spending his birthday over in the States. This is one he got first: It's a Scottish flag within the batman symbol.

Joel MacDonald at Black Banditz Tattoo off of Melrose (in LA) did the fine work. There is always something so gratifying seeing your work so brilliantly translated from paper to flesh. That's why I love Joel!! He's amazing!! If you ever thinking about getting a tattoo in the LA/Hollywood area, give him a shout. He has done two tattoo's for me and a couple more for my friends. He's very talented and customer service oriented, aka:
He cares for your tattoo as much as you do!


So, being a hostess was an interesting experience. I learned that I need more money if I am going to tour someone around LA county, and that I will never ever put any guess in my studio for an extended amount of time. EVER! I think my sanity was starting to rip apart not being close to my art, computer, and books. I also learned that I am more of a solitary person. I like being social, but for 15 days straight with my roommate and a guest in the house?? No.
Like I said, a learning lesson. Oh yeah! I forgot! I am painting the bathroom from hell. My roommate requested a certain faux-finish technique that (in my head) was easy. Stripes on a wall. Simple right? Measure out where you will be painting said stripes, tape off the desired area (so it forms a straight line), paint taped area, pull off tape, touch up some areas where paint has leaked through (cause it always happens) and CELEBRATE. NO... It's been one fuckin' nightmare after another. Each time I pull the tape of, the rest of the wall comes off with the tape. In other words I AM DOING DOUBLE THE WORK!!! And not for my bathroom... SOMEONE ELSES!!! AND FOR FREEE!!!!! *angry face*

As soon as I finish, I will show pictures. But right now... I dont want to deal with it. Not until 2012.

I want to thank Mysterious Universe Podcast.

Without Benjamin Grundy and Aaron Wright, I'd honestly have a shittier year than I did. Their ability to tell stories, their way of poking fun of life, and their thought stimulating topics on high strangeness is something that I am REALLY grateful for. Their stories that they search the world to find are very inspiring to my artwork, and I find myself drawing Yowies (Australia's Bigfoot), Ghost, Reptilians and odd things here and there due to the podcast.

I signed up to be Plus Member on the podcast, best $9 a month I could spend. Since I can't get enough of these guys, the Plus content gives you more than just their free show.

Mysterious Universe is available for download on iTunes or you can visit their website.

Thanks guys, you keep me sane in Los Angeles.

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