Friday, November 19, 2010

I dream in Miduryan

I had a dream of my co-worker. We were being chased by Nazi's. It was random and weird.

It also got my art mind thinking... I would love to do a nice portrait of him. Great for portfolio work and plus... he has a great face! So, I asked him and he said yes! Hooray! I think I'll do a photoshop portrait, cause it's been a while. I want to get illustrator... it's been forever since I've done a portrait with that digital tool.

This is a sketch of Khach Miduryan from my memory. I will soon find out how close I am when I do the real portrait.

P.S. I love eBay. And hot chocolate. WITH MARSHMALLOWS!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Tyrone Wells is my hero...

I have seen Tyrone Wells 3 times this year. Much more than many other artist which I am so fond of. I sadly like his live stuff more than his albums. The recordings don't do him justice, they are over-produced and they don't have his 'soul' in the music (his live stuff does). I blame my emo room mate. I would have NEVER gone to his show in my life until I had to fill in for a recent vacant ticket which my room mate got stuck with. I was dragging my feet all the way to the first concert. Now I'm running to the concert tix! I am going to the fourth show in Febuary 2011.

I would really like to do some t-shirt designs or do one of his album covers! Really! Really!
'Sink or Swim' always makes me cry (inwardly). I'm doing designs now.

The Red Obscurity and Despair

I haven't been feeling myself latyely. My art explains it. Sadly. New obsessions though... Giant Pacific Octopi!!

Gouache on 18x11 Strathmore Watercolor paper.

Gouache on 18x16 Strathmore Watercolor paper.
The Red Obscurity: