Saturday, November 28, 2009

Portrait practice

Both done in those new-ish Prismacolor crayon(wax) sticks. Different medium to maneuver, cause it's a stick. The pencil has a lot more control and finer edges.

Both pages are 11x15.

Thanks to Eric Ross for being my inspiration/reference!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Samhain Studies and Sketches

I have been doing some studies of day of the dead traditions of multiple cultures and slipped in some witchcraft studies and some vampire loving too. I was sketching in between videos and websites on my findings. Hurray! I was interested in Dia de los Muertos and wanted to see if my culture (Irish) had their own 'day of the dead'. Turns out we have a ancient tradition predating the Romans. Apparently Samhain is what Halloween was in it's pre-christian dates. Go Celts!! And Pagans! And I guess.... the Holy Roman See. Most of all: yay Halloween!!!

I'm glad that we can (in most cultures) can celebrate the souls that have past on and remember them in reverence and respect. Life is full of surprises, why not Death being the next big surprise?

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween 2009

I broke from my usual vampire I have claimed as my traditional Halloween costume for years to go....ZOMBIE! I it was a mess and twice the success. It was my first zombie costume ever!! It was a collection of chocolate syrup, corn starch, red food coloring, acrylic paint, horrible quality liquid latex, and my trusty blue contact lenses. Oh yeah...and hairspray.

I got rave reviews and a lot of people DID NOT recognize me. I had a load of fun, so much I hit up two parties in one night! Ha!

Yay Melissa for keeping my company whilst I got ready for the big night!

This picture is from my 'test run' for my fake blood. The effects are great and I had the teeth lying around from last season. Good and scary!! Ooooo...