Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Epic Battle for Sunglasses

Vintage baby!!! HA!!! Alright, I fought tooth and nail for vintage glasses. Apparently 'vintage' is back 'in' according to the fashion mags. Whoopeee...big fuckin' deal. What is the big deal is getting them on eBay without a epic bidding battle. I have been searching for (and becoming addicted too) vintage designer branded everything. Mostly accessories.

My reason for my new found madness: if it's made in France, Italy and Germany(New York too) and has last for 30 years already in awesome condition; it's probably going last another 30 years. Everything made now these days is disposable. Break it buy and new one. I like keeping my cell phone and a good pair of jeans for more than two years. It's not that hard to treat something with respect and have it last a looooong time. Simple! That's why the designer madeness. So... I did my research and found out which fashion houses were doing the best of the best at the time: Yves Saint Laurent, Vuitton, Gucci, Prada, Givenchy, Cazal, Emilio Pucci, Ted Lapidus, and of course, Dior.

The main object (designer) of my desire was Christian Dior and still is. Vintage Dior glasses are harder to find and GET than an authentic Louis Vuitton bag on eBay. Period. I am still looking for Dior glasses.
These adorable glasses are Givenchy. Wonderfully made, couture in the 1970's, fabulous and fun. I also have another set coming by Victor St Hughes from Buenoes Aires. Diors will come... I have no doubt, I will just have to be patient. And it's probably worth the wait!! I would loose by mere seconds in the bidding battle to then, full of rage: one thing I hate more than stupid people is loosing!! I hate to and am a sore looser. That's why I do not play video games. I like being a winner, and being right. Over the years I have become more mellow in this area and will admit my loss with dignity and poise. Inside I am am still kicking and screaming like a little kid, thinking on how I could have made better choices and in the end...would have won. Fak.

Women play dirty online (and behind your back), and one has to be stupid to pay a ridiculous amount of money for the chance to 'win'. Or the true winners can wait, bid, and pray like hell, to own that special piece of fashion history without burning a hole in the pocket or just setting the pocket on fire.

What an experience on being (becoming) a woman.

The fight for the "sunglasses" are actually the inspiration for the FASHION FIENDS.

I just can't wait till they declare Goth in's coming soon. Just wait for it.

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