Friday, July 3, 2009

Fashion Fiend

I've been reading fashion magazines!
And I love zombies!

Been spending waaaaaaaaaaaaay to much time in Ebay: Dior, Coach, Chanel, Cartier, Ted Lapidus, Givenchy, and of course Louis Vuitton. The new stuff is ok, but vintage is what really makes my heart (and my wallet) sing.

Louis Vuitton's Marc Jacob infused fall preview for 2009/2010 is awesome!!!! OMG!! I want most of those bags and a couple of heels. And only LV would make me wear a dress again, that's how good that show is!
Louis Vuitton Fashion Show Fall 2009/10

It's gothic lotita, victorian-esque, and a lot of wonderful textures. The sumer show for 2009 is "Eeehhhh ...ok". Very tribal, too bad those damn handbags aren't on the market. The select few handbags they picked for their summer collection are nothing compared to the show.

Whatever. Guess I'll have to buy me some $15,000 hand made awesomeness when I reach 'posh' status. The things I have to do to get great looking art....

*brushes shoulders off*

Yay vintage designer glasses, scarves, accesories, and handbags!!!

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