Saturday, December 19, 2009


The 7 deadly SINS:

"pshh..take my breathe away with your beauty. Im at a loss of word's. Your really hot. An im not just saying that cause that's what your "suposed" to say it. Please. Im better then that an you deserve something unique & qenuine. An im saying it cause you really are really fucking hot. ;D Absolutly gorgeous. I would hate to be one of those people who just put "cute" or something as if they don't care about how you feel. That's really typical an rude of people. I hope you can see how pretty you are the way im seeing it. Also you have the most cutest face i've ever seen! Your beauty is ravishing love You should smile more often i'm sure there is an amazingly cute smile to show off to the world behind that pretty face of your's hun." 7SINS

Random! Uh yeah! Although I love having my ego boosted, this was strangely foreign to me. I DON'T get random guys messaging me on MySpace and telling me what a 'bombshell' my face is. And if they do, I think that they have been seriously hit on the head with a large blunt object (or have took a tumble down the stairs).

I am a firm a believer that beauty is the eye of the beholder, no matter how hard i try to discourage them.

However, as charming as this message is, all I had to do is to scroll down on his main page and find out confessed his inner most 'confessions' to not just me. Makes me think that he has no propriety. See a pretty face, tell her.



Uh.... but.... it didn't stop me from showing my appreciation of his flattery. He didn't HAVE to 'copy and paste' his 'confession' to me.

Sooooo.... I .... did a portrait.

A small one.


8x10 Acid free Canson paper.

With Prismacolors; 3 of them.

I thanked him for his faux gentlemanly like behavior, told him I liked his music (for I do), and wished him well. What else could I do? *shrugs*
He does have good music and style: 7SINS Music

Been an interesting 24 hours.

Side note: IS IT JANUARY YET?!?!?!! FAK!!

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